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About the CCSN

Community College S-STEM Research | Case Studies



The Community College S-STEM Network (CCSN) observes S-STEM programs and the students in them at participating community colleges across the United States. Over five years of initial work, the Hub hopes that the study findings will reveal why different students choose a STEM education, what aspects most influence low-income students’ decision-making, and how S-STEM programs can become more equitable in terms of student success.

  • Generate and amplify research on low-income community college S-STEM student decision-making and pathways through student and grantee surveys, systematic reviews, and case studies
  • Share research outcomes with the S-STEM community and national stakeholders through networking and proposal workshops, leadership groups, and research-to-practice clinics
  • Promote a collaborative and engaging S-STEM research community through partnerships and fellowships