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An Analysis and Discussion About Funded S-STEM Grants at Community Colleges

Learn more about the most common activities supported by NSF’s S-STEM grants to promote success for low-income academically talented STEM students. Dr. Elizabeth Meza of The Community College STEM Network (CCSN) analyzed over 80 recently funded S-STEM proposals at community colleges. She shared the most popular interventions, how proposals describe their activities in abstracts, how much funding the average successful proposal receives, and other insights into community college S-STEM projects. This analysis was the first step of a systematic literature review of S-STEM programs at community colleges undertaken by Dr. Meza and Dr. Maria Espino but we know there is much more to learn, so Dr. Will Tyson shared plans for the CCSN survey of community college S-STEM grants based on this analysis. Dr. Meza led an interactive discussion with community college practitioners.